• Kolobok

    October 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Interactive Mapping |

    Show “Kolobok” – based on Russian folk tales.
    For: Moscow International Festival “Circle of Light-2012″
    Place: Moscow, Gorky Park
    Date: 28 September – 2 October
    SilaSveta Studio
    Concept by: Denis Bashev, Alex Mamontov
    Producers: Alexander Us, Alex Rozov
    Art director: Alex Mamontov
    Illustration by: Denis Bashev, Anna Eiserle
    Animation: Alex Mamontov, Arthur Kondrashenkov, Mikhail Sedov, Alena Danilova
    Music: Vasiliy Filatov
    Interactive team: Nikita Mikharev, Vasiliy Filileev, Attacca digital
    Technical director: Dima Napolnov
    Management: Andrey Kuzmin
    Filming crew: Evgeniy Arkhipov, Nikita Belous, Andrey Rymarev

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    Rotated Projection Mapping System

    October 14, 2012 | Posted By: | Micro Mapping |

    embedded by Embedded Video

    We developed a prototype which combines Projection Mapping and Rotation.
    Built with vvvv + Arduino. You can control the system via iPad or Handwheel. Mapping setup takes less than one hour.

    Have a look at our work in progress channel:

    Thanks to:
    Elliot Woods ( for Padé Shader.
    Mike McCauley ( for AccelStepperLibrary

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    ZonoraPoint ZPlus – Face Projection Mapping

    May 16, 2012 | Posted By: | Body Mapping |

    Direccion: Nicolas Lopez ( ChicleClip )
    Humanos: ZonoraPoint
    Mapping: Andrés Terrisse
    Graficas y Animacion: Nicolas Quiroz
    Edicion: Andrés Terrisse



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    3D Mapping Catedral Palma Mallorca / Spain

    May 11, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping · Palnoise's News |


    The popular festival of Saint Sebastian (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) has as its main protagonists fire and devils. More than 1000 performers of 23 groups acted in a performance where devils take over the city for a night.

    This event was an incredible audiovisual spectacle unprecedented: A massive 3D Mapping projection, it was over the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. This huge event also was accompanied of fireworks, giant beast, a great popular participation and an amazing sound system.

    The audiovisual performance known as 3D Mapping, it is a technique which consist to projected video on buildings, adapting to its shape. It was done by the audiovisual company Palnoise, who creates cool 3D effects and optical illusions, making it look as though buildings are crumbling, changing their structure and more.

    Public attending, 60.000 people, and hundreds of thousands TV viewers (RTVE, IB3, Tele5, TV3) saw the virtual destruction of the Cathedral, facade cracked and burst the windows, while a flock of birds appear from the darkness comes the collapse of the temple. Physically at the same time, hundreds of devils with flaming torches conquered the Cathedral.



    Con motivo de la festividad de San Sebastián, patrón de la ciudad, se celebró un evento gigantesco, donde el fuego y los demonios tomaron protagonismo por una noche para apoderarse de uno de los símbolos de la ciudad. Más de 1000 dimonis de 23 grupos tomarón la catedral de Palma de Mallorca.

    El acontecimiento Audiovisual fue inesperado para el público: una proyección de video gigantesaca, la catedral de Palma proyectada en su fachada lateral (120 metros de ancho x 60 metros de alto), una proyección 3d mapping sin precedentes.

    El espectáculo iba acompañado por fuegos artificiales, bestias gigantes, una gran participación popular y un espectacular sistema de sonido los cuales crearon un ambiente mágico.

    El publico asistente 60.000 personas en directo y cientos de miles en su retransmisión vía TV (RTVE, IB3, Tele5, TV3), observaron la destrucción virtual de la Catedral. La fachada se resquebrajaba y los vidrieras estallaban mientras bandadas de pajaron venidos desde el infierno revoloteaban sobre la fachada y acontecia el derrumbamiento del templo.

    Created by: PALNOISE

    Mapping Director: Alberto Calahorro
    Technical Director: Javier Álvarez
    3D Animators: Jose Mª Pereyra y Alberto Calahorro
    Audio Compositor: Miguel A. Aguiló
    Script: Iguana Teatre
    Technical Heads: Martín Sánchez, Sergio Calahorro, Xavier Pons.
    Communication: Xavier Calahorro, Noelia Sánchez

    Producer: Iguana Teatre
    Client: Council of Palma de Mallorca

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    Architectural Reel – The Electric Canvas

    May 7, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    This video showcases our architectural projection work and includes projects completed for premier festivals including Vivid, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Macquarie Visions, The Light Of Christmas and Parramasala.

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    Lavazza 3D Mapping by Apparatti Effimeri

    May 1, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    For the celebration of the Twentieth anniversary of their famous calendar, Lavazza company blow out their birthday candles inside the spaces of the La Triennale in Milan with a special event: an exhibition of photographs which celebrates journey, seduction and coffee. The concept of the exhibition, Lavazza con te partirò arises and develops from an idea of the famous Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre, who has reshaped the entire photographic path through his dreamlike and pop style. For this extraordinary event, Apparati Effimeri realise an architectural visual mapping, which has been supervised by Fabio Novembre and which is able to give the audience up completely to Lavazza’s images of the last 20 years.

    This architectural video projection follows the shapes of the real ephemeral architecture devised by the curator and carries the audience to the entrance of the exhibition. In fact the entrance is situated in the centre of the projected structure; in this way the audience is in many ways swallowed into the visual performance. The visual contents narrate and describe the world of Lavazza’s calendars, through the pictures of the greatest international masters, from Newton and von Unwerth to Watson, LaChapelle, Mondino, Leiboviz and Recuenco.


    who: Lavazza
    where: Milano, Italy

    // Client: Lavazza
    // Date: 13th october – 9th november 2011
    // Location: Triennale, Milano
    // Sound design: Nicola Giannini

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    3DM from Brazil surprising again

    April 17, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    This Brazilian company created a fresh mapping, it seems easy but is not, they just pushing an electrical rhythm in their composition.  3D video Mapping made by 3DM in febrary of 2012 for realease of DVD Fernando Sorocaba – Acústico na Ópera de Arame da Som Livre.

    3D Vídeo Mapping realizado pela 3DM em Fevereiro de 2012 para Teaser de lançamento do DVD Fernando & Sorocaba – Acústico na Ópera de Arame da Som Livre.

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    PALNOISE supported with 30.000 ANSI LUMENS to first event of 3D MAPPING in IBIZA.

    April 17, 2012 | Posted By: | Palnoise's News |

    Palnoise supported succesfully to create the 3d Mapping event called EQUINOCCIO, designed by diVision to closing acts of the popular party of Sant Josep de sa Talaia 2012.

    Duration: 12 minutes.
    Brightness projection: 30.000 ansi-lumens.
    Postproduction Software : 3DStudio MAX, Cinema 4D, RealFlow, Vue, IvyGenerator, Particle Illusion, After Effects.
    Player Software: Modul8, Millumin.
    Direction: Alfonso Losco.
    Technical Staff: Oscar Ferrer, Antonio Lemos, Luca Mangano.
    Equipments: Palnoise, Carpas Ibiza, Sonoibiza.

    Produced by: diVISION Innovacion Visual

    Palnoise colabora con diVision en el primer VideoMapping 4D concebido en la isla de Ibiza como espectaculo completo, EQUINOCCIO el titulo de la creación
    diseñado para cerrar los actos festivos de Sant Josep de sa Talaia 2012.

    Duracion: 12 minutos.
    Potencia de proyeccion: 30.000 ansi-lumens.
    Software de produccion: 3DStudio MAX, Cinema 4D, RealFlow, Vue, IvyGenerator, Particle Illusion, After Effects.
    Software de realizacion: Modul8, Millumin.

    Dirección técnica y creativa: Alfonso Losco.
    Equipo técnico: Oscar Ferrer, Antonio Lemos, Luca Mangano.
    Equipamiento: Palnoise, Carpas Ibiza, Sonoibiza.

    Producido por diVISION Innovacion Visual

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    Holland Casino Opening – 3d Mapping

    April 17, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    Holland Casino reopened its renovated casino in Scheveningen with a 3D building projection. DJ Ferry Corsten and State Secretary Fred Teeven spun a virtual roulette wheel to send the first ball dancing across the casino’s façade and opened the casino of the future. The combination of games, restaurants, bars, lounges and music, makes that people no longer have to choose between spending an evening at a casino or a club. Guests enjoyed live performances by DJ Ferry Corsten and singer Ben Hague. This evening, a spectacular interactive 3D building projection marked the reopening of the fully renovated Holland Casino in Scheveningen.

    Holland Casino heeft met een interactieve 3D-gevelprojectie haar vernieuwde casino in Scheveningen heropend. DJ Ferry Corsten en staatsecretaris Fred Teeven gaven een virtuele draai aan het roulettewiel. Hiermee werd het casino van de toekomst geopend. Door de combinatie van spel, restaurants, bars, lounges en muziek hoeven mensen niet te kiezen tussen een avondje casino of een restaurant of club. Na het 3D-spektakel genoten gasten van een live optreden van DJ Ferry Corsten en zanger Ben Hague.

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    Human Face Video Mapping

    April 3, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    For the launch of its first 2 SIM card smartphone – Galaxy Y Duos – Samsung did something surprising: a mapped projection on an human face! This video uses exclusively the video mapping technique to build several characters on a human face. The images were projected directly over an actor, as in a canvas. This video mapping technique, seen before in spectacular projections on buildings and cars, uses in this video the human face as its single object of work.

    Por ocasião do lançamento do seu primeiro smartphone com 2 cartões – Galaxy Y Duos – a Samsung fez algo surpreendente: uma projecção mapeada na cara de um humano! Este vídeo usa por inteiro a técnica de projecção mapeada para construir várias personagens numa face humana. As imagens foram projectadas directamente sobre um actor que serve como tela. Esta técnica de video-mapping, anteriormente vista em projecções espectaculares em edifícios e automóveis, utiliza neste vídeo a face humana como objecto único de trabalho.

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    Space invaders. Interactive – Kinect

    March 28, 2012 | Posted By: | Interactive Mapping |

    Interactive Video installation with kinect where you could play to space invaders with all your body.
    It was made for the Festival Distortion, and was working during two nights.
    Everything was programming by Arthur Lecaron.

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    6X6m Cube Video Mapping

    March 25, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    6X6m Cube Video Mapping designed by Eyedropper Fill
    Clients : Asiatique Bangkok Bistro River Front
    Produced by : IF (Integrated Field)
    Motion Graphic : Eyedropper Fill
    Construction Design : Eyedropper Fill

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    Mapping sur le Logy du Roi, Amiens, France

    March 25, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    Title: ALLEGORIE
    Nuits Blanches Amiens 15 octobre 2011. Mapping sur le Logy du Roi, Amiens, France

    Cette installation audio / vidéo grand format est une retranscription en images projetées et en
    volumes du rapport entre la particule et le Data informatique. Faisant appel à la technique du
    mapping, cette oeuvre est un voyage visuel et sonore dans les schémas d’organisation des
    particules vivantes et des flux informatiques de leur création à leur disparition.

    Vidéo : Thierry Wilmort, Julien Appert
    3D : Arnaud Bauzon
    Musique : Fabrice Planquette
    Production: PONG

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    Mecaniques Discursives – Videoinstallation 3d mapping

    March 22, 2012 | Posted By: | Video Installation |

    Excellent audiovisual installation mapping by Fred Penelle & Legoman [work in progress]
    Video taken on March 2012 at the Fred’s workshop (Brussels).
    Music: Matthieu Safatly

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    Lighting Choreographer

    March 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    Lighting Choreographer is a system to expand the expressive capability of human body by lighting. It makes light effects on the user’s body synchronized with motion and sound, focusing on the viewing point that the produced effects recursively influence the choreographer.

    Ars Electronica 2010(Austria, 2010)
    National Touring Theatre(Sweden, 2010)
    Exhibition Of The 16th Student CG Contest in The 14th Japan Media Art Festival(The National Art Center, Tokyo, 2011)
    Shanghai Science and Technology Museum(China, 2011)
    re:re:freq(Fukuoka, 2011)
    NEM Summit 2011(Italy, 2011)
    NHK DIGISTA TEENS(Tokyo, 2011)

    [system development]
    Siro-A(Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011)
    Gear – non-verbal performance in Japan(Osaka, 2011)

    My HP:

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    Fujairah Fort – 3d mapping

    March 2, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    Video mapping 3d of “Fujairah Fort”, a show presenting the history of the region

    Production: Mou Factory

    Digital artists: Francesco Artistico, Originalasker, Nicola Gastaldi, Lorenzo Franzini, Agata Soccini, Claudio Monnini, Filippo Bernardoni

    Direction: Eyad Al Khzouz
    Music: Walid Al Hashim
    Dance company: Ornina Group
    Special thanks to Emad Bdaiwi & Giuliana Pajola

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    Graffiti Glowing Attack – Brazil

    February 28, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    3DMapping held in a Skate Park based on the existing graffiti and shapes that make up the ramps of half pipe. Parts of this captured images of this intervention were used for a Brazilian TV commercial in the January of 2012.

    Creation and Realization – 3DM
    Capture Images / Video Edition – Deeper Produções/Clandestino
    Music – Sticky Bumps

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    ISE 2012 – Christie Video Mapping

    February 26, 2012 | Posted By: | Technology |

    George Tsintzouras, Senior Director Product Management – Business Products, Christie, introduces warped projection mapping display.

    Christie’s stand at ISE 2012 featured an example of this video mapping, featuring a 35,000 lumen Roadie flanked by two Roadster HD20K0-J projectors, all in portrait mode, projecting edge-blended content onto a three dimensional surface.

    Technologies such as Christie Twist and Christie AutoStack enables this. Christie has many examples of projection mapping, such as the the Alfa-Bank 4D show in Moscow, where 81 Christie projectors produced over 1.8 million lumens and the Quebec 400th Anniversary, featuring 27 projectors, producing a 657m-wide image.  All of this made possible by technology such as Christie Twist and AutoStack.

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    The Evolution of Mobile – 3d mapping

    February 24, 2012 | Posted By: | Indoor Mapping |

    Very Cool project from Vodafone reinventing the 3D mapping in small-scale installation.

    Using cutting edge 3D Projection Vodafone bring you The Evolution of Mobile.
    This is the first small-scale projection mapping installation using a hand-held camera. From the Motorola brick through to the first text message and colour screen to GPS and Android.

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    3D mapping + multiplayer game

    February 20, 2012 | Posted By: | Interactive Mapping |

    EELS is an R&D project developed at B-Reel London. It combines various technologies into a multiplayer game experience where people can control their virtual EEL projected on a physical installation.

    People could participate by using their mobile devices, using an HTML5 interface to provide direct control over their EEL.

    Watching people interact with the installation and running around it during game play was great to see, and a lot of fun!

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    PALNOISE supporting to diVISION

    February 19, 2012 | Posted By: | Palnoise's News |

    Palnoise is supporting technically with his equipments  to develop technically the 3d mapping show offered by diVISION (innovación Audiovisual) over the church of Sant Josep, Ibiza (Spain).

    30,000 ANSI LUMENS projectors will run in that show knowed as “EQUINOCCIO” which takes part of the popular party of Sant Josep on 19th of March.

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    LPM open to submissions!!

    February 14, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals |


    Live Performers Meeting, LPM are open to submissions until March, 12th.

    You can subscribe a performance, a workshop, or a presentation, take part on the vj contest and maybe even for you can be an opportunity to join LPM like artist or Pro, if you are a live video or media art practitioner, a teacher, an innovator, or you are represent a company working in the field of live visual we would like to welcome you to participate to LPM…

    LPM offer different options of free accomodation, pass, and a rich series of workshops…

    Participate @ LPM

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    Virgin Money 3D Projection

    February 13, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    We’ve come a long long way over the last 40 years with the simple aim of making things better. And now our quest takes us into banking. Inspired by our ‘40 Years of Better’ TV advert and hosted by Richard Branson we created a 270 degree fully immersive architectural projection on the University of London’s Senate House Library.

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    LPM, Live Performers visual artists & vj meeting

    February 12, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals |


    The eleventh edition of LPM Live Performers Meeting begins on May 31, 2012 in Rome.

    LPM offers the unique opportunity to experience 4 days of audiovisual performances, VJing, workshops, panel discussion, product showcases presented by hundreds of VJs, audiovisual artists, new media professionals and thinkers from around the world.

    In fact it is this community of artists that made of the 2011 Rome edition a surprising event. We hosted not less than 484 artists, 228 performances, workshops and showcases, recording an overall amount of 32 participant countries: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary, Uruguay, Ukraina.

    This year LPM returns with a new location: MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, inside the spaces of the Center for Cultural Production PELANDA. The MACRO not only gives more prestige to the event, both locally and internationally, but is perfectly suited to accommodate the different souls of the meeting. Again, this XI edition seeks to promote the practice of live video performance, thanks to a rich and unpredictable programme aimed at exploring different themes through new audiovisual languages, techniques and technologies.

    The daily schedule of the event:

    15:00 to 21:00 Workshops
    15:00 to 16:00 Lectures and conferences
    16:00 to 18:00 Presentations of projects and products
    18:00 to 04:00 AV Performances and VJ / DJ sets

    Vj, artists, designers, professionals and the general public will be involved in the manifold planned activities: from experimental audiovisual performances, architectural mapping shows, and DJVJ sets to workshops, roundtables, and presentations of products and hardware, with a special regard for Free and Open Source projects. Meeting areas devoted to the interaction among the hundreds of participants will be the corollary for the whole duration of the event.

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    QUIT, interaction design lab

    February 12, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals |



    Quit is a festival of digital art and practice which explores the most reached technology of video, music and others enviroments of multimedia installations. Festival have been created to open windows to  advanced cultural scene in order to increase  visibility and share the practice in artistic fields, but also in design and communication…


    Quit è un festival di pratiche e arti digitali che esplora le mete più recenti raggiunte nell’ambito delle tecnologie applicate al video, alla musica e agli ambiti installativi. Il festival nasce dall’esigenza di aprire finestre su scenari culturali avanzati e dalla volontà di aumentare la visibilità e la condivisione di pratiche sempre più diffuse non solo in ambito artistico ma anche in quello del design e della comunicazione.

    La legge quasi gravitazionale che separa il fruitore dall’opera e dalla performance, deve necessariamente cominciare a perdere il suo valore; probabilmente il Quit Festival non riuscirà da solo a sciogliere questo artefizio, ma è questa la direzione che vogliamo dare a questa prima edizione, con un programma orientato alle relazioni esistenti tra cultura, arte e tecnologie. I tre giorni di evento saranno caratterizzati da performance audiovisive, installazioni interattive, convegni e seminari incentrati su nuove tecnologie e applicazioni sempre più user friendly, sempre più fruibili e assimilabili anche e specialmente da coloro che non hanno tempo e voglia.

    Workshop Interaction Audiovideo performances


    Quit aims is to show and spread the potential, integration and interaction of Audiovisual’s language, cultural association QUIT organize the first INTERACTION DESIGN LAB, a laboratory for practical use of technology Audivisual and their integration to create performances and multimedia installations.

    This Lab have been addressed to architecture students, cultural heritage, graphic or media web designers, and also to teather and entertainment, interested to use of Audio and video and research in digital media and will be held on the premises of “Lugo”, the “date” to “date”.


    Con l’obiettivo di far conoscere e diffondere le potenzialità dell’integrazione e dell’interazione tra linguaggi audio e video, l’associazione culturale QUIT organizza il primo INTERACTION DESIGN LAB, un laboratorio sull’uso pratico delle tecnologie audio video e la loro integrazione per dar vita a performance e installazioni multimediali.

    Il laboratorio è indirizzato a studenti di architettura, beni culturali, graphic, web e media design e addetti del settore teatrale e intrattenimento, interessati all’uso degli strumenti audio video e alla ricerca nell’ambito dei media digitali e si terrà nei locali del “Lugo”, dal “data” al “data”.


    More info // Per maggiori e informazioni visitare

    Inscription // Iscripzioni

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    Luminous Field, interactive 3d mapping

    February 11, 2012 | Posted By: | Interactive Mapping |

    Cloud Gate at Millennium Park is transformed into a digital canvas of light and geometrical form with its first-ever site-specific video and sound installation by the Chicago-based artistic ensemble Luftwerk.

    Created specifically for Millennium Park, the installation will illuminateCloud Gate – known by many Chicagoans as “The Bean” – and its surrounding AT&T Plazawith dramatic images and colors set to music composed by Owen Clayton Condon, of the local avant-garde classical ensemble, Third Coast Percussion.

    Luftwerk is the collaborative vision of Petra Bachmaier and Sean Gallero. By merging video and light with material, surface, and structure, they shape content into an immersive sculptural experience. Their work illuminates the realm of special events, stage, gallery and public venue. Both artists are graduates of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have worked together for over ten years, forming Luftwerk in 2007.

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    Abu Dhabi Mosque 3d mapping

    February 11, 2012 | Posted By: | Architecture_Mapping |

    This is stunning. Another amazing work by Obscura Digital.
    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Projections
    by Obscura Digital
    In celebration of UAE National Day 2011
    Projection and design by Obscura Digital

    44 projectors with a combined brightness of 840,000 lumens
    were used to cover a surface 600ft wide x 351ft high

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    Space Vj Meeting Poland

    February 9, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals | Diablos and VJ Forum International are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances, as part of the „Space VJ Meeting Poland” series by VJ Diablos.

    This time VJ DIABLOS’ idea was to prepare a small :)
    party@small club with one VJ and one DJ, but BJORN S…AMSON (VJ Forum International, Dizzy&Woozy) offered help so this event is international now, lets get started!

    PLANETA 11 workshop and presentations:
    Madmapper, Modul8, CoGe: Coge Master Class, Arkaos, Resolume, Ableton, mapping, making video clips” with the ducks: Bjorn Samson, Jaroslaw Balabanski

    link more info

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    33º Mapping Sur_Festival Chile

    February 8, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals |

    33º SUR MappingFest 2012 it’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of visual projects (vj, av, mapping, performance, installations, video art and sound-landscapes).   The main objective is to promote and support the artists or collectives who work in this dynamics immersed in the contemporary audiovisual culture, trough this open call for Chilean and foreign producers in the world.

    The first version of 33º SUR MappingFest 2012 MAPPING FESTCHILE CHILE was produced in January 2011, and was in charge of Jorge Videla a.k.a. Vj Cubic (Chile) & Liliana Caycedo a.k.a. Vj Lili Txt (Colombia) creators of the festival, in association with Teatro Mauri of Valparaíso, the UTCH Records label (Under Tech Chile), Epa Sonidos netlabel (Chile), musical producers such as Marko Vilches (Lunatic Jazz Records), Pablo Sandoval ( Chilean producer who lives in Holland ) y Felix Widen ( Sweden DJ). The projection was made in a cubic sculpture using the mapping technique inside Teatro Mauri, with the collaboration of the labels and producers already mentioned.

    For the year 2012, the festival wants to expand frontiers with this open call inviting Chilean, Colombian and foreign collectives that works and research about audiovisual experimentation, to present their work in different categories, gather around in the multimedia and digital arts….

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    Claw game _ Interactive 3d mapping

    February 8, 2012 | Posted By: | Interactive Mapping |

    The brand launched an interactive, 3D projection mapped, billboard version of the classic arcade claw game, where consumers could navigate the claw to win prizes. One of the winners took home a 2012 Chevy Sonic. This is the first time users have been allowed to interact with a 3D projection, and the work went down in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest 3D projection mapping ever. Pearl Media handled event and mapping.

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    Mapping Festival Geneva, coming soon!!

    February 7, 2012 | Posted By: | Festivals |

    The Mapping Festival is dedicated to the advancement of the VJ medium. It does so by initiating events where the medium of projecting images is combined with other currents in contemporary culture, and bringing these events to the people of Geneva and international visitors.

    Formed in 2005 by the creators of Modul8 and the association of the night club Le Zoo/Usine, The festival seeks to present works by individuals and collectives that share a passion for real time image making and performance.

    The festival is a labratory for the VJing discipline, offering both novices and professionals the possibilty for experimentation as well as a forum for exchanging ideas and resources. This approach has given it a reputation within the world wide VJ community.

    Avenue Ernest Pictet 28/30
    CH – 1203 Geneva

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    Best HD Digital Projector

    February 5, 2012 | Posted By: | Technology |
    Roadie HD+35K 1080 HD DLP Projector

    Producing 32,500 ANSI lumens (35,000 center lumens), the Christie Roadie HD+35K features an unique, flexible split-body design with switching lamp ballast. The design of the rear air exhaust hood allows you to stack up to two projectors for redundancy or additional brightness, and the motorized lens mount lets you focus and adjust lens position using a remote control. Built-in portrait capabilities1 give you the flexibility to design your displays in portrait orientation without additional equipment.
    With its native 2048 x 1080 HD resolution and 10-bit image processing, images are simply stunning in their size, brilliance and quality. The user-replaceable lamps can be automatically aligned at the push of a button and user-friendly controls make the Christie HD+35K to maintain and service. With built-in body handles for handling and rigging or an optional stacking/rigging frame, this tough, manageable projector is built for true roadworthiness, – frequent transport, and quick set-up.1Rigging frame (38-814007-XX) is required when using the Christie Roadie HD+35K in portrait orientation.



    •    3-chip DLP® HD+ (2048 x 1080) delivering superior native HD+ image quality with excellent color rendition
    •    32,500 ANSI lumens/35,000 center lumens – highest lumens offered in a native HD product
    •    1600-2000:1 contrast ratio enabling highly enhanced image detail, with blacker blacks and whiter whites
    •    New motorized lens mount enables users to adjust focus and lens position using a remote control.
    •    Riggable and flyable for large venue events
    •    User-replaceable lamps can be automatically aligned at the push of a button
    •    Rear air exhaust hood for improved stack-ability
    •    Stack, blend and color-match multiple projectors
    •    Built-in portrait capabilities (rigging frame required)

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